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> - Control returns to the event loop. > head = head.js head-http2.js Null if there is no such column. Whether the text broadcast's message is customzied with the contact data. Zero based. List or search contact lists. > + const currentVersion = await client.openCollection(async collection => { The default value is 1. field names and a preceding dash sign for any to indicated descending sort. In the next few seconds, using the SingleSignOnUrl your application will be able to open up the Call-Em-All website in a new browser window or frame at: Request a Single Sign On token to see conversation. > + // We don't know this broadcastID. These statuses are more granual than you might care for. (Just because `XPCOMUtils.jsm` calls this a "symbol", and to match `EXPORTED_SYMBOLS`). The REST API request and response models' properties rely on a number of data types and special data formats. When an API request or response model property references a common type, you'll see a link to the common type in the Property column. The toll free number or local number the text broadcast was sent from. resources available in the collection. > + // Not implemented yet Update settings for a User. Powershell(やbash)の場合は、必ずシングルクォートで囲ってください。, -nico-login ',9l$KZQdrs%eZNOLN'. Your request will receive a status code 503 – Service Unavailable, In the next few seconds your application will be able to open up the Call-Em-All website in a new browser window or frame using the link that the Url field of the response specifies. > + > + moduleName: "resource://test/broadcast_handler.jsm". > + const {moduleURI, attributeName} = sourceInfo; There was an error during the file upload process. The Authorization token can be any random GUID. We have created a grouping of these statuses into categories that has the right granularity to follow the actual state change of a broadcast. > + } > let records = await this.getAllUnexpired(); > - await pushBroadcastService.getListeners(); > + super(message); The number of records containing the same phone numbers that are already stored in contacts.
The default is always 10. > + async loadListenersFromStorage() { Each recipient will receive both a voice and a text message. The text message was sent to a recipient as part of a group conversation message. Or will the server collapse messages so we only get one (broadcast ID, version) tuple, or, if not, are we guaranteed to always receive broadcast messages in order? > + if (OS.Constants.Path.profileDir) { Whether a reply message sent was detected as an intent to opt out of further messages. Shared components used by Firefox and other Mozilla software, including handling of Web content; Gecko, HTML, CSS, layout, DOM, scripts, images, networking, etc. Create a voice broadcast from an existing audio from the library. > +function initializeBroadcastService() { Using the Call-Em-All Rest-Api an integration has access to all of the user's conversations. The last time the audio was used in a broadcast. > + Whether it is estimated that the calls would not be able complete inside the calling window. You can also do `Services.prefs.getStringValue(PREF_SETTINGS_LAST_ETAG, "")`, and remove the `prefHasUserValue` check. Null if there is no such column. > + await this.jsonFile.load(); > + Broadcasts in rejected statuses will not be sent out and cannot be edited. > + receivedBroadcastMessage(message) { The default maximum voice message length in seconds that the user can use. Include all contacts from the File Uploads listed to the broadcast. > + }, {});

> + const moduleInfo = { > + }); > + this._mainPushService.receivedBroadcastMessage(reply); Use the PageSize and Page query parameters to retrieve all records.

Include all contacts listed to the broadcast. to sort by. I asked about specifically allowing this in. Legacy PINs are still supported and there is no requirement to switch to the new format. > + "broadcast-test": { The broadcast type describes what type of messages the broadcast is sending out. Different tests require connecting to > + version: "2018-02-01", A text message sent to the recipient after an unstop message confirming that they have opted back in to receive text messages again.
> +

> + await broadcastStorage.upsertListener("broadcast-test-42", "2018-02-02", { > + const isNew = !; Do we need to worry about a race where we've been offline for a while, and, on reconnect, the server sends us the new version before the old? Only available if the number was previously a contact for the account. The query returns a feed of broadcasts details. A description of the audio entered by the user. Use the PageSize and Page query parameters or the Next link returned in the feed to retrieve all records. An inbound text message opting in to receive messages from the account. Now have models of Huygens, NEAR, InSight, Lunokhod, Luna, Surveyor, Chang'e, Yutu, Vega, and Venera landers placed in the correct locations and of the correct size. > + continue; User log in requires application level authentication.

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