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So where are you going to store the state? Here are some options if you don’t want EA: Log out from authserver as well as UI app in browser client. In this section we continue our discussion of how to use Spring Security with Angular in a "single page application".

If this is not the desired behavior, two other options are available: Next, we'll discuss how to secure our session cookie. To log out a user, the client has to send a GET request to /logout.

E.g. Spring Session has the simple goal of free up session management from the limitations of the HTTP session stored in the server. To do that we use the Angular HttpClientTestingModule: The declaration of the HttpClientTestingModule as an imports in the TestBed in beforeEach(). The browser goes to the Gateway for everything and it doesn’t have to know about the architecture of the backend (fundamentally, it has no idea that there is a back end). If you’re thinking from the point of view of strict adherence to REST as architectural constraint, then the server side should be entirely stateless – so no cookies. Is the mosquito in amber inspired by a real object? When you have done that you will have a very simple Angular application (the same as in the "basic" sample), which simplifies testing and reasoning about its behaviour greatly. The source code for the complete project we are going to build is in Github here, so you can just clone the project and work directly from there if you want.

This is a granular access decision, where the rule is only known, and should only be known, in the backend application. There is an extra component in the end state of this system ("double-admin") so ignore that for now. 1: The @EnableRedisHttpSession annotation creates a Spring bean with the name of springSessionRepositoryFilter that implements Filter.The filter is in charge of replacing the HttpSession implementation to be backed by Spring Session. Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! Hey AKS – I just tried to run that project and access the page – I was able to do that without any problems at I’m able to log in here: http://localhost:8080/spring-security-mvc-session/login.html Out of curiosity why is sticky session a non-option for you? Are you doing anything from within the IDE or perhaps using a stand-alone server? In this section we continue our discussion of how to use Spring Security with Angular in a "single page application". Finally, it's important to mention that even though Spring Session supports a similar property for this purpose (spring.session.timeout), if that's not specified then the autoconfiguration will fallback to the value of the property we first mentioned. Any way to watch Netflix on an 1stGen iPad Air (MD788LL/A)? Then jump to the next section.
How to secure REST API with Spring Boot and Spring Security? In case the endpoint receives a request for a user that is not stored in the database we need to make sure that the runtime of the method stays the same by doing an artificial password check. The application we have now is close to what a user might expect in a "real" application in a live environment, and it probably could be used as a template for building out into a more feature rich application with that architecture (single server with static content and JSON resources). The requests prefixed with (uaa) are to the authorization server. You can then apply the GIA or SL patterns to the system that includes the internal authserver. To prevent that, we install a scheduled method that periodically deletes the records based on the expiry date. The use of Spring Session has (again) avoided a huge amount of hassle and potential errors. src/main/java/sample/SecurityInitializer.java, The name of our class (Initializer) does not matter.

The field valid_until contains the date when the session expires. No SL. For the strict create-session=”stateless” attribute, this strategy will be replaced with another – NullSecurityContextRepository – and no session will be created or used to keep the context. Fortunately, Spring Session provides a utility class named AbstractHttpSessionApplicationInitializer that makes doing so easy. We still need to store information about the logged-in user somewhere and associate it with a client. So let’s first copy the static assets from the "single" UI into the Gateway, delete the message rendering and insert a login form into our home page (in the somewhere): Instead of the message rendering we will have a nice big navigation button: If you are looking at the sample in github, it also has a minimal navigation bar with a "Logout" button. If the "/user" resource is reachable then it will return the currently authenticated user (an Authentication), and otherwise Spring Security will intercept the request and send a 401 response through an AuthenticationEntryPoint. Is my Homebrew Born-Lycanthrope Race balanced with other playable races? With that 1 line of code in place and a Redis server running on localhost you can run the UI application, login with some valid user credentials, and the session data (the authentication) will be stored in redis. Open the application in the browser, log in with a user, and now restart the Spring Boot application. To enable the scenario which allows multiple concurrent sessions for the same user the element should be used in the XML configuration: After the session has timed out, if the user sends a request with an expired session id, they will be redirected to a URL configurable via the namespace: Similarly, if the user sends a request with a session id which is not expired, but entirely invalid, they will also be redirected to a configurable URL: We can easily configure the Session timeout value of the embedded server using properties: If we don't specify the duration unit, Spring will assume it's seconds.

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